Friday, November 21, 2008


Marcus Auralius said that the Universe is transition, that Life is opinion (or something approaching that in effect). As the northern hemisphere transitions into the long cold and darkness of winter, Americans celebrate their good luck and the joy in their lives. Yes, soon a cry will ring out, an opinion will resound from the four corners of our land, giving wings to our hopes and voice to our desires. Let the chorus rejoice--SAVE THE NECK FOR ME!! (happy holiday)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Mole Man!!

#661- Mr. Denny Withered-Face, a former face pusher.  An illustrated concept  from  John Hodgman's More Information Than You Require.  Inspired by this seminal tome is The 700 Mole Men Project, the world's foremost collection of phenotypical substantiation of the 700 Mole Men.

Bonus! word of the day! Obtuse-not sharp, lacking perceptive acuity (see portrait to the right)

Let's play pretend!

Let's pretend that we're not related.  Let's pretend that we aren't transgendered.  Let's pretend that you've never walked out of an argument.  Let's pretend that you've been here with me these long months.   Let's pretend that you are not [there laid].  (Let's pretend that I'm not using this as my new masthead.) Character concept c/o John Hodgman

Saturday, November 8, 2008

wise my ass

At the feet of a great wise teacher one can but ponder or sit in silence.  
One can also do that when faced with an absurd buffoon.
One can be naturally inclined to do so in either case !
(image excerpted from a comic story "Screw, F#@*, Pontificate"
from the "Buddhist Tales" anthology, due 3-09)