Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ten Buddhist Tales

Not illustration, a set design for the play "Ten Buddhist Tales" for which I was credited as Playwright, Artistic Director, Set Design and Construction and Illustrator; also, I "acted" in the thing.  Some memorable quotes from reviews include "Chaotic giant mind-freak that is near impossible to explain..." and "Like watching Ghandi and A Clockwork Orange at the same time" Neat-o!  Go to for more info on the show.  It was a lot o' fun (also agonizingly annoying and painful) but I hadn't found the energy or time to draw during the production. Reestablishing  my rhythm in that regard has proved challenging though not impossible.  More drawings to come soon, thank you. Photos by Josh Reinhart.


avalot said...

That set was an exciting place to work in, for a few months. I look at the photos now and I feel homesick.

Hey Kenn, thanks for sticking it out with me. I loved the sheer energy that radiated from your set, and lifted us all up into making art out of nonsense.

kennpenn said...

Everyone on their own made art from the nonsense. I did my part with everyone else. Set aside, as it were.